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AMI stands for the Association Montessori Internationale, founded in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori and her son, Mario M. Montessori. They were respectively President and General Director during their lifetime. The AMI is the oldest international Montessori organization in the world. In founding this, Dr. Maria Montessori's aims were two-fold: to safeguard her original contribution on behalf of the child against diluting influences, and to maintain the standards of training for those wishing to apply or to teach her methods. AMI has functioned without interruption since its foundation and is the most reliable authority on authentic Montessori theory and practice in existence.
AMI is governed by a Board consisting of a Chairman and 21 members, of which two-­thirds are pedagogues. From this Board an Executive Committee is elected and this Committee is assisted by an Advisory Committee, proposed by the Board, and elected at the Annual General Meeting. The pedagogical work of the AMI is carried out by the Pedagogical Committee, the Material Committee, and the Sponsoring Committee. The Pedagogical Committee, assisted by the Material Committee, is responsible for pedagogical decisions; the Sponsoring Committee is in charge of Training of Trainers. Since 1974, the members of these committees worked closely with the General Director (Mario Montessori) and took over his duties after his death in 1982. Members are proposed by the Board and elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Much of AMI's international work is supported by affiliated Montessori Societies or Branch Offices in various countries. Established all over the world are AMI Training Centers for people to work with children from birth to 3, 3-6, 6-12, handicapped and children with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges. For information on these centers, please contact the Head Office.

AMI is a non-subsidized organization subsisting exclusively on membership fees, gifts, donations, a percentage of trainees' fees from each AMI Training Centre and AMI recognition fees from schools.
AMI is a non-governmental organization collaborating with others with similar aims, and admitted to UNESCO.

Lynne Lawrence- Executive Director of AMI

The Board of the Montessori Society of Canada is delighted to announce that Lynne Lawrence, Director of Training of the Maria Montessori Training Institute and Schools, has officially been appointed Executive Director of the Association Montessori Internationale commencing June 1, 2008.


To propagate, maintain and further the Rights of the Child, more specifically by:

  • propagating the Montessori method, spreading knowledge of the physical, intellectual, moral, social and mental development of the child, at home as well as at school and in society;
  • demonstrating the importance of the child in and for the progress of civilization;
  • safeguarding the real objectives of the educational method of Dr. Maria Montessori;
  • promoting general recognition of the Rights of the Child and this irrespective of race, religion or political conviction;
  • co-operating with other bodies and organizations which fight for Human Rights, for the development of the method of education and for the furtherance of peace.


  • Providing guidance for AMI training courses.
  • Co-ordinating a Training of Trainers programme.
  • Encouraging the creation of Montessori schools.
  • Guiding the manufacturers recognized by AMI in the production of approved Montessori materials.
  • Overseeing the publication of Dr. Montessori's books.
  • Organizing congresses and study conferences.
  • Affiliating Montessori Societies.
  • Publishing the magazine. 'Communications' and a website, and
  • Organizing Educateurs sans Frontieres.


With your membership in the Montessori Society of Canada you are given all of the benefits, rights and privileges that AMI membership provides you with which includes two annual issues of AMI Communications and two AMI Bulletins. Most importantly It provides you the opportunity to join the Montessori movement and to actively participate in and contribute towards its endeavors on behalf of the child.


The AMI strives to ensure the highest standard of Montessori education is provided world-wide to both children and teachers. If you wish to donate to the AMI to enable us to sustain existing and new programs and services, please download the following AMI Donation Form. Thank you!



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