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Membership Benefits

Membership in the Montessori Society of Canada is open to all
AMI-trained directresses/directors and presently includes the following:

  • Membership to AMI and subscription to annual AMI Communications and e-bulletins
  • Montessori Society of Canada quarterly e-bulletins
  • Montessori Australia newsletters
  • Discounts to national conferences, regional workshops and seminars sponsored by the Montessori Society of Canada
  • Discounted rates for schools who register more than 5 staff members
  • Invitations to regional social events

MSC membership also includes access to our members-only page which offers on-line editions of MSC News, AMI Bulletins, Montessori Australia eBulletins and articles and Society by-laws. In the future, we will be adding further benefits such as articles and papers delivered at previous conferences, minutes from AGMís and a member discussion forum. Join us on Facebook for further discussion and sharing of articles and information.

2017 Membership Forms

Note that all of the forms below are "fillable" PDF forms.
In order to save and/or print the form WITH THE INFORMATION YOU ENTER,
you MUST use the free Adobe Reader to enter and save the form with your information.
The free Adobe Reader is available from the Adobe website
(You should de-select any "Optional Offers" before installing the software).

If you elect to send your completed application form(s) by email to the Society,
please read this note about completing and emailing your filled-in form.

Upon receipt of your completed membership form we will issue you a password which will give you access to the Memberís page. A new password will be issued each membership year.

Annual membership is $90 CAD for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2017. US and International memberships are $100 CAD. Please make cheque or money order payable to Montessori Society of Canada and forward along with completed membership form. Payment may also be made online with PayPal.

For additional information on 2017 MSC
membership and member benefits contact:

Pay the membership fee via PayPal by clicking on the icon below

Note that you do not need a PayPal account to pay by this method

Please note that the Montessori Society of Canada, The AMI Alumni in Canada,
will only guarantee receipt of the first issue of AMI Communications provided
both payment and membership application are received prior to February 1.

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